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of commercially insured patients now have access to ORIAHNN2‡

*As of 1/22/2021.

Coverage varies by channel: Commercial: 92%;

Managed Medicaid: 65%;  Fee-for-Service Medicaid: 70%.



      Coverage requirements and benefit designs vary by payer and may change over time. Please consult with payers directly for the most current reimbursement policies. The health plans and/or pharmacy benefit managers listed here have not endorsed and are not affiliated with this material.

      Formulary definitions: Access means the product is covered and not NDC blocked. A plan is considered covered if it has one of the following access statuses: Preferred Brand Tier, Non Preferred Brand Tier, Non Preferred Specialty Tier, Covered (FFS), Approved Until Review, or Approved Until Review with PA to Label.

      ORIAHNN formulary coverage data has been provided using MAT as the main source, with some changes made by AbbVie. 2019 MAT lives are being used.