Dosing that fits into her schedule

An oral option in a compact blister pack

ORIAHNN Packaging.

Packaging shown is not actual size.

ONE capsule taken twice a day1:

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One yellow and white capsule in the morning

combination of elagolix with E2/NETA

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Should be taken at approximately the same time each day1

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One blue and white capsule in the evening

elagolix alone

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Use of ORIAHNN should be limited to 24 months1


ORIAHNN can be taken with or without food1

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ORIAHNN can be taken with or without food1 

Missed dose1

If a dose is missed, instruct the patient to take the missed dose of ORIAHNN within 4 hours of the time that it was supposed to be taken and then the next dose at the usual time

  • If >4 hours have passed since the time ORIAHNN is usually taken, the dose should be skipped and the next dose should be taken at the usual time
  • Only 1 morning and 1 evening capsule should be taken per day

Treatment considerations1

  • Exclude pregnancy OR start within 7 days from the onset of menses
  • Advise women to use non-hormonal contraception during treatment and for 28 days after discontinuing ORIAHNN
  • Assessment of BMD by DXA is recommended at baseline and periodically thereafter

Patient counseling

Use this patient-friendly digital tool to discuss ORIAHNN efficacy, safety, dosing, and more with your patients

BMD=bone mineral density; DXA=dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry; E2/NETA=estradiol/norethindrone acetate.